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1st Tolworth is one of the largest Scout Groups in the Royal Kingston District and provides an attractive programme for its young people. The dedicated leadership team encourages the ‘Scouts’ to participate in a whole range of indoor and outdoor pursuits so that the young people can develop their skills and enjoy new experiences. The Group has the facilities and equipment to provide a diverse range of activities ranging from computer skills to camping in remote locations.

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It has been a privilege to be President of 1st Tolworth Scout Group led by Heather so effectively as GSL.  I have now reached the 79th anniversary of my joining the Scout Association as a founder member Wolf Cub of 3rd Tolworth which became part of Berrylands Scout Group in 1973.

I feel now is the time for me to stand down as President.  My hearing is now so poor, even with aids, that I can no longer be a useful member of the Group Executive.   My balance is now also so poor that I need a stick and for longer walks, a folding 3 wheel walker.

As a member of the Executive I have felt out of date when I see our progressive Section Leader’s programmes for training involving world-wide thinking.  On reflection, I realise a major aspect of my life involved my finding and dealing with challenges.

Highlights of these were becoming a King’s Scout in 1943, a Commission in the Royal Engineers when I was 20, setting up forestry courses for older Scouts in 1952 which spanned 40 years involving Dutch Elm disease at Southwood Activity Centre and Polyapes, the problems of the 1987 hurricane including the loss of 1st Tolworth’s old HQ when I was GSL, successful experiments of joint training of Scout and Guide PLs and then Senior Scout and Ranger Guides joint activity weekends before girls joined the Scout Movement and setting up with the County Mountaineering Adviser, introductory mountaineering weekends at Bethesda when I was District Commissioner.

I am now too old for challenges!

“DAT” (Alan Thomas)



Sunday 26th April, St George’s Day Parade

1st Tolworth Scouts all sections and Leadership Team after the Presentations

1st Tolworth Scouts Leadership Team after the Presentations

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